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We Offer a Full Vertical Integration of Catch Basin Cleaning.


A storm drain also known as a catch basin drain excess water runoff from your location. A catch basin drainage system should be found usually within a curb by the street. The main goal is to keep pollutants such as trash/debris out of the local water supply. If a storm drain becomes backed up it can cause environmental and safety hazards. This is why to ensure proper functionality of a storm drain it must be cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule.

Natural elements such as pine needles, leaves, grass clippings, and dirt can also clog a storm drain. Over time the buildup will become too great, and may even damage the pipeline. The next rain fall will make the storm drain flood causing the street to be a hazardous place for pedestrians. While facing this emergency situation you need a plumbing company you can count on.


Our Services

For all your catch basin cleaning needs contact Global Sewers, we are the leading sewer company that specializes in underground drain cleaning. We are available to handle everything from catch basin cleaning, maintenance and repair. Call today to get your quick quote or estimate on any of the reliable services that we offer.

Global Sewer provides catch basin cleaning services using state-of-the-art hydro-combo trucks that utilize high-pressured jets vacs to:

  • Dislodge Debris: Debris, trash and sediment that accumulates within catch basins can lead to clogged systems, flooding and erosion caused by diverted water flow. Vactor and Jetting services clear underground systems allowing stormwater to flow correctly into stormwater systems.

  • Remove Intrusive Roots: Pressurized jets of water are powerful enough to cut through intrusive roots that may damage stormwater systems but gentle enough that no threat is posed to other aspects of the system.

  • Restore System Flow Performance: Clogs and slow drainage can hinder the performance of stormwater systems, increasing the risk of flooding and erosion on site. Catch basin cleaning services ensure systems are performing at their intended capacity to minimize your property’s risk.

How often should you clean your catchbasins

You should have your catch basins cleaned at least once or twice per year, if not more. 

The common mistake that a great deal of commercial property owners make is waiting to have their catch basins cleaned until there is a visible need. For example, if the grate is already blocked or the water has been backing up, that is a sign that the cleaning should have already taken place. A good practice to have is to regularly schedule catch basin cleaning to prevent such problems from occurring in the first place. 

This will enable the water to flow freely through the drain and prevent even more costly expenses down the line. A good rule of thumb is to have catch basins cleaned at least once a year if not more. You may need to have your basins cleaned more frequently depending on if the area you are located in is more prone to litter and dirt accumulation, sensitive areas (waterbody), and areas with a history of plugging. Contact us today to help determine how often you should clean your catch basin.

It is far more cost effective to have a regular scheduled cleaning service than to wait for something to go wrong. Clogged drains can cause an overflow of water, leading to increased erosion and dangerous living conditions. 


Catch Basin Maintenance 

It is crucial that every facility from the smallest operation to the largest understands the importance of catch basin cleaning and storm drain maintenance. You will notice all types of different debris that are collected in the catch basin. A backup can be caused by twigs, leaves, grass, solid/foreign materials, and sand which accumulates over time. The catch basin is doing what it was designed for by isolating the materials in one spot. These items are removed with a storm drain cleaning and disposed of properly according to waste regulations.

Understanding why a storm drainage backup is happening will help address the situation. A storm drain back up is an accumulation caused by stoppage in the water flow. Something in the system is preventing the water from continuing down the path, so it is re-routed back in the reverse direction instead of its normal course. This can be caused by a clog in the drain or a broken pipe. If not treated right away it can turn into an emergency situation.

It is also important never to dispose of hazardous materials down a storm drain which can hurt the environment. An extra benefit of properly maintaining the storm drain system is to help protect from water run off.


By following a few simple guidelines, the general public and local residents can help ensure catch basins in their communities function properly.​​

1. Clean up any grass clippings, leaves, dirt or fertilizer left on driveways and sidewalks after performing yard work. Housing or blowing these materials into the street end up in the catch basin and storm drain, and eventually into local waterways.

2. Don't dump chemicals, motor oil, pet waste, empty bottles or cans, soapy water, or other liquids or solids down a catch basin or storm drain.

3. Contact your public works department if you notice standing water near a catch basin or storm drain after rainfall, or if you notice a clogged or damaged catch basin.

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